Toastmasters Convention 2015: Day One – Board Briefing 


Our Toastmasters  International Convention kicked off today with the Board of Directors briefing. This is always an interesting event, and gives us (as members) a view into what is in progress and what is coming in our organization. This event was live streamed, and last year was made available on line to be watched. Once I have that link for this year, I’ll post it here.

Mohammed Murad, our Intenational President, led off with introductions, and his opening comments referred to our status as a volunteer organization. One factor about volunteering does not mean you aren’t accountable. It’s important for us to stay true to our core values.  We are part of an organization that respects one another through service and excellence with integrity. 

Success is not getting to the end of your year and seeing the results. Success is going forward 5 years and looking back and seeing the success over that time.

Next came the report from Dan Rex, our Chief Executive Officer

Dan mentioned that this convention was the largest we’ve ever had in North America

More than 332,000 members in 135 countries across 98 districts

More the 28,000 CC’s, 16,000 CL’s last year (new highs)

New initiatives  – new training for Club Growth Directors, with a new Marketing Manual and a new lead tracking program

The Revitalized Education Program (REP), is now in the Content Pilot phase in 200 clubs around the world (including my club in D22) 

Next came the report from the executive committee, presented by Jim Kokocki

Organization progress, strategic projects, and TI Singapore Ltd.

One of those projects included new digital capabilities, included the Mobile App for the Convention, as well as a new club app being ready for beta testing (and convention attendees are going to be asked to be the beta testers)

The TI Singapore Ltd was created to allow the district there to be able to open bank accounts.

Founders district, D30 and D79 will be set for reformation in the next year, for this coming year district 4 will split to 4 and 101, D42 will become 42 & 99, D51 will become 51 & 102, and D85 will become 85 & 88.

Next was the report from the strategic planning committee, by George Yen IPIP and Mohammed Murad and Jim Kokocki

Three key areas, 

Goal 1 – Club excellence

Goal 2 – Member achievement – consistent high quality experience for each member to achieve their goals

Goal 3 – Awareness, engagement and participation 

I’ll post the link to the plan here once it’s available. 

BOD report, Mike Storkey

Modified policy 2.0 to title members as either paid or unpaid. This reduces confusion over the old terms of active, graced, suspended, etc. 

Virtual Clubs – the board reviewed a 2-phase approach. Phase one is a live meeting with some members to participate. Phase 2 is to allow completely virtual clubs. The board modified policy to allow these clubs to be chartered. 

The member engagement committee surveyed members to find out what drives members to serve in leadership and why they don’t.

When asked why they don’t serve in leadership roles, the top three answers were “No time”, “No one asked” and ” I want to compete”.

Provide committee findings to club and district leaders

Feature-Benefits-Values marketing material for Club Leadership Roles (similar to member version format)

Share Club Officer experiences

Reinforce the importance of club officer training

Encourage districts to highlight club leadership opportunities at district conferences

The briefing wrapped up with the outgoing board members giving brief comments on their journey and what they learned while serving. 


  1. How can you spell Toastmasters wrong in the very first sentence and be taken seriously? Seriously??! Please fix it so I can read the rest. I really want to read it.


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