Toastmasters Convention 2015: Day Zero The Accredited Speaker Seminar Dan LaMon’s session


Dana LaMon, AS and 1992 WCPS spoke about Making your Message Memorable. I remember his message from the 2011 convention (blog post here) – it was one of the best sessions I attended at any convention. Seriously.

As usual, Dana’s session was really well structured and entertaining.

In making your message memorable, Dana spoke about the importance of both What You Say and How You Say It.

What You Say:

Creativity – I’m impressed with that (what your audience should say) 🙂

Simply – I understand that – you should be able to describe your message in one sentence

Profundity – I agree with that – if it isn’t profound, why am I listening to you?

Adaptability – I will use that

How You Say It:

Repitition – it takes more than one time – this was a very humorous point, when Dana asked us how many times it takes to be redundant. Many of us answered 3 or 5 (standard speaker answers) and Dana acted shocked that we didn’t know the definition of religion was more than one. He drove home this thought when talking about a speaker who thought his point was clear by clearly identifying part of his message in his speech. But he never actually said his message. You can’t use repot ion by saying it zero times.

Structure – acronyms work really well

Experience – the tools you use, such as videos, voice or other tools to help your audience experience your message

Story – use stories to express your points – his story about the speake who left out his simple message was a great example.

Once again Dana was awesome while staying concise and memorable. His message of perfecting your message by concentrating on what you say and how you say it resonated well with this audience and actually set the tone for some later sessions.

Next up will be Rochelle Rice.

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