Toastmasters Convention 2015: Day Zero – The Accredited Speaker Seminar Rochelle Rice session


Rochelle’s session on “Moving from free to fee”

Rochelle opened up by having us stand in an “X” and breathe. 

Dress the part, know what your doing and visualize to the end.

Own the center real estate (on the stage)

4 Competencies of the NSA (National Speakers Association):

Eloquence – what’s your story? Speak as often as you can – every chance you get

Enterprise – bio, blog, head shots, referrals, social media, testimonials and much. More

Expertise – become an expert, triple threat – speak, write and teach – know the problems your audience is trying to solve

Ethics – NSA code of ethics, Toastmastres values, “walk your talk” – “We are craving honesty in this country” 
Rochelle then led a panel on creating product and book publishing

Peter Stark talked about he Peters principle: Publish, Engage, Target, Entertain, Repurpose, Start now

Strive for success, not perfection

Peter also mentioned how he charges a “per participant” fee when he speaks. With that, every attendee receives a book, cd, and workbook for the session.

Some other tips for free to fee:

Create and post a website –

Speak for free anytime you get the opportunity

Attend other speaker’s events (not to repurpose their content!)

Let other speakers critique your material

Write and place articles in Association newsletters and magazines
Rochelle delivered her session with grace and poise. And then did the same in leading the panel on creating product and book publishing. 

After lunch, more presentations including Johnny Campbell!

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