Toastmasters Convention – Board of Directors meeting


Editors Note: This report is my unofficial take on the proceedings at the board meeting today. Check
TI’s Site for more information later on.

Today the Toastmasters Board of Directors gave a briefing to the general membership to announce the decisions and recommendations that the board had made this last week.

The most significant announcement was concerning changes to the recognition systems for the Area, Division and Districts. In 2012, Area and Division success will be more directly tie to club success, which is already tied to member success – You know…why we are here.

One of the most noted changes was the method for achieving Distinguished District status. Starting with the 2012 Toastmasters year, it’s going to be tougher to get to Distinguished, but now there is no limit on the number of Select and President’s Distinguished Districts. President’s Distinguished used to be limited to the top 6 districts in the world, and Select Distinguished was awarded to the next top 6 (7-12). The new requirements:

40% of clubs distinguished (new requirement)
3% membership growth (up from 2% in the current system)
3% club growth (no change)

45% of clubs distinguished
5% membership growth
5% club growth

50% of clubs distinguished
8% membership growth
8% club growth

Later at the board meeting, there was discussion about the strategic plan, and the statistics used to monitor the organization’s overall health. The board also gave a report on branding, which I’ll paraphrase as “check with us next year.” Finally there were some changes to policy that were provided in overview, and we were told to expect them to be published later next week.

More details will be here shortly:

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