Toastmasters Convention – Friday Afternoon


Now I owe more apologies than ever. I had to miss so many education sessions to do other specific things. I was really a bit bummed about missing some of those sessions.

Because I had to be at a judges briefing (no reason) and I really wanted to see the Accedited Speaker Program (also no reason), I had to miss all of the educational sessions today. Sniff.

One of those presenters I missed was Terri Langhans, who I heard was awesome in her presentation on marketing, Blah, Blah, Blah: How to make your marketing stand out and get better results. Thanks to my friend and LGM, I was able to score her handout/gift/thingee, a set of business-card sized marketing cards with advice on them. I especially liked the card that said: There are 7 marketing mistakes every business makes. If you don’t learn what they are, there’ll be 8. Good line. Rhonda liked it so much she picked up the CD set.

I don’t have reports on the other speakers, But I’ve seen Sheryl Roush and Tammy Miller before and I’m sure I missed something special there. I’ll post updates if I receive any feedback from others who attended.

On to the Accredited Speaker Program. I missed that one last year, so I really wanted to see it this year. I’m interested in pursuing this myself, and my goal (being made public here for the first time) is to achieve this in 2 years. Bam!

Anyway, I watched these 4 speakers up there, and I was quite impressed with their style and capabilities. One thing to note about the program: Out of 4 candidates this year, 0,1,2,3, or 4 of them could achieve the designation. It just depends on how the judges feel they did against a standard of excellence, not how they did against each other.

All of the speakers were good, but in my non-judge opinion, I would guess that Rochelle Rice has the best chance of getting the designation this time. Karen Twichell might pull it off too. Both of them had solid structures and nice audience interaction. After saying that, I noticed that I took as many notes on the first speaker, Conner (didn’t get his last name) as the other three together. But, as entertaining and informative as he was, I think he needed more audience interaction, as did the second speaker, Mary Ellen Psaltis.

Regardless, I took good notes and I learned a lot from all four of them.  I’m really glad I went to see them, even if it meant missing some seriously good education sessions.

Now, I need to slip on my tie and coat and head down to the Golden Gavel Dinner. I am really psyched to see Carolyn Kepcher speak. She was so cool those first seasons of The Apprentice. This is going to be a great dinner…

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