Toastmasters Convention – Golden Gavel Dinner


Carolyn. Kepcher. Delivered.

What an amazing evening. Toastmasters International 2010 Golden Gavel recipient, Carolyn Kepcher gave a keynote speech to be remembered at our dinner on Friday evening.

She started off with the story of how she began working for the Trump organization, and how she ended up on the TV Show The Apprentice. Her descriptions were quite interesting, including the references to running in heels (with visual). She gave an additional insight to those of us that saw the first season of that show.

It turns out that her fame on that TV show led to her receiving mail from women around the globe. That probably isn’t surprising, but Carolyn said this wasn’t fan mail she was receiving, but letters from working women everywhere looking for advice from her on how to handle difficult workplace situations.

This led her to the realization of how she could make a difference to those women, and others as well. She started, to provide amswers for working women. By creating a strong network of experts, they are able to provide trusted advice to women to successfully navigate their career path.

She went on to redefine work-life balance as work-life integration. She told vivid stories of telling Donald Trump about her pregnancy 6-months in and how her daughter, at age four, told classmates that “Mommy goes to a board room and fires people.”

This was another case where the speaker was so good I had to go ahead and buy her book, Carolyn 101, Business Lessons from The Apprentice’s Straight Shooter. Although I had her sign it for my wife (who also respects her), I have to admit I will read it myself as well. Look for my review on the 22nd of August.

Toastmasters made another fine choice for the Golden Gavel recipient, and I know from the long line of folks picking up that book, seeking autographs and getting pictures that I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

Tomorrow…Business Meeting (Go Bash!) and that contest thingee, oh, the Toastmasters 2010 International Speech Contest. Stay tuned…


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