Toastmasters Convention – Lunch with the Champs


I just had a really great time at the Champions Edge lunch here at the Convention. Mark Brown (1995), Darren LaCroix (2001) and Lance Miller (2005) were all in attendance. There were about 30 Edge members there as well, and I had a really good time making some new friends and swapping stories with fellow Edge members.

One of the cool things we did as an icebreaker was “2 Truths and a Lie.” How you play is everyone tells 3 interesting things about themselves, and the group tries to figure out which of the 3 is not true. For me, I plugged my new website,, mentioned the fact that I have climbed Mount Fuji to the top and also that I once climbed on the Hollywood letters on that hill here in California. Turns out I do have a new website, I have climbed that hill and onto those letters, and I have climbed Mount Fuji…just not to the top.

If you haven’t checked out World Champions Edge, (affiliate link) it is a great resource for speakers. Check it out, right after you surf over to

Next…on to the Accredited Speaker Program.

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