Toastmasters Convention – President’s Dinner Dance


It’s been a fast-paced week with a plethora of opportunities for Toastmaster from around the globe. Personally, I had a wonderfull time and accomplished a lot in this much-too-short Convention.

It all culminated tonight with the final dinner event, the International President’s Dinner Dance (ticket required). At this event, the new International President assumed responsibility and the current IP became the Immediate PIP (Past International President). Now, say that three times fast.

Two interesting topics of note:

First, the outgoing IP, Gary Schmidt, walked in to the theme from Star Wars, and had Golden Gavel Recipient Carolyn Kepcher on his arm. The fact that she stayed for the extra evening to support our International Convention spoke volumes to our membership. She could have easily got on a plane after last night’s Golden Gavel Dinner, and that would have been absolutely fine. But, a number of members mentioned that it was [pretty cool] of her to stay for this dinner event.

Second, new IP, Pat Johnson, gave an outstanding acceptance keynote as our new President. She asked us “Who are your giants?” that allow you to see farther than you could see without standing on their shoulders. Who has made a difference in you life, what evaluator, what mentor has helped you to get where you are today. And…who will you serve as a giant to help them see farther than before?

Her theme of Achieving Greatness Together wove well into the stories and presentation overall, and was a great way to start off her new year.

It’s been an amazing and fast-paced week, and now I am just plain tired. I hope you have enjoyed reading my recaps of the convention. Feel free to post comments on any of the entries, and look at the site and read other posts on my site on Toastmasters-related topics of Communication and Leadership.

Also take a look at a new site I’ve launched with Arlen Busenitz, called Take a look and check it out. Also, we are actively seeking guest posts to publish on the site. If you have something you’d like to submit, please let me know.

Tomorrow…the EDGE with Mark Brown, Craig Valentine, Ed Tate, Darren LaCroix and possibly other World Chanps! More to come…


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