Toastmasters: Judges Training


Tomorrow at our District TLI in Springfield, I will be presenting the judges training. Here is my outline:

1. Contest Participants
– Contest Chair
– Contestants
– Timers
– Counters
– Chief Judge
– Tiebraking Judge
– Judges

2. Being a contest judge
– Obligation to the contestants
– Obligation to TI
– Obligation to the audience
– Obligation to ourselves

3. Duty as a judge
– Pick a winner
– Difference between judging and evaluating

4. Barriers to objectivity
– First/Last speaker
– Underdog
– Halo effect
– Reverse Halo effect
– Second time around
– Give someone else a chance
– Not the norm

5. Process
– Judging form
– Scoring
– Criteria
– Protests
– Ethics


  1. You might want to add these points to your list:

    1) Read the rules

    2) Have a copy of the rules with you

    3) Refer to the rules as needed.

    Over the years I’ve been astonished at how rules get made up on the spot. Judges training is important. Thanks for doing this.

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