Toastmasters: Training – Day two


The second day of training is over, and I think I speak for 248 Toastmasters when I say, “I am spent.”

Today’s sessions were really great, and over the two days, I easily absorbed enough material for 5 speeches. In fact, I should generate some working titles while I think about it:

How a free breakfast really motivates the team
The need for leaders
New ways to support ID (International Director) visits
Providing better communication and standards
Why Rory Vaden is the right choice for our Fall Conference

That last one is based on two things:
1. Rory Vaden is our guest speaker at our coming Fall Conference in Overland Park, KS
2. He gave a fantastic presentation at out leadership training on the advantages of self-discipline

Other cool things that happened – I ran into more friends from last year’s convention, including 1995 WC Mark Brown and 2001 WC Darren LaCroix.

Next, the opening ceremonies areĀ at 7pm. I’ll have another segment ready to post later this evening.

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