Toastmasters: Winning your Club Contest


My club held our International Speech and Table Topics contests yesterday (Thursday). After my District win in the Fall Evaluation Contest, I decided to pursue the International Speech trophy this spring, but not table topics. My speech was titled, Things aren’t always as they seem. It was a story about my experience joining the US Air Force after graduation from High School.

Good News: I Won

My short list of lessons:
1. Do better recording – I set my video up poorly and it’s unusable (ended up behind a head)
2. Do a better job timing. I finished on the yellow card, but my practices put me right at 7:00. I had the odd combination of adding a couple of things and talking faster
3. Tighten up the message. That story worked well for an audience that knows me. I need to be more relatable going forward.


A few things I did right
1. Wrote out my speech. Good to have a base word count, and compare to what I really said.
2. Received a manual evaluation (Ice Breaker in my 15th CC manual)
3. Won


Next Steps
1. Rework the speech (see lesson #3)
2. Speak at two club meetings this week
3. Plan for help with recording



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