Toastmasters: Winning your Division Contest


It’s been nearly two months since my area contest win, and yesterday I competed in our Division Contest. I was representing my club in the International Speech Contest category. Again, I told the story from my club and area contest, about my experience joining the US Air Force after graduation from High School. I did adjust the title and message slightly, from Just Another Day to Not Just Another Day.

Bad News: I didn’t win

Good News: I took Second Place

What I learned from losing:

1 – Losing sucks
2 – No excuses – there is no such thing as “enough practice” – FYI-I was very close to 7:30

What I need to do to improve this speech:

– Too much build-up – I don’t need to define the process of choosing my first assignment in such detail
– Maybe don’t need to reference my choice and acceptance to K-State is as much detail
– I need a bit more in the “lesson” portion…that part felt rushed

I did video this one, so I’ll watch it and work on it more. Also, I’ll put it on YouTube with a link here later this week.

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