Treat every customer differently


Is your world nice and PC (Politically Correct)?

Many times in our PC world, we are encouraged to treat everyone the same way. But is that really the key to great customer service, or is it a recipe for disaster?

I was speaking to a friend of mine that sells a product to help speakers improve their craft, and we were talking about his money back guarantee. I asked what would happen if someone came to him on the 61st day and wanted a refund. His answer was that if they asked for a refund, it was worth more to him to keep the goodwill with his tibe than to deny that request and lose that goodwill.

In whatever you do, you’ll have customers that have unique needs. In Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port mentions firing customers that are too much work. That’s okay, so you’ll have time for the lower maintenance customers. But, some of them will still have needs that you can and will want to fill. Don’t think that you have to  meet some arbitrary standard of conformity to be successful. Stick to your principles and make sure that customer is delighted with your service.

Avoid the politics and do the right thing for your customers. It will make all of the difference…

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