Victory in the New Year!


Hey human! Is your new year’s resolution firmly in place? I’d hate to think of you sitting there on your couch, starting this wonderful new year with out any goals, old or new.

Some folks need prompting, so if that describes you here are couple of great goals for the magic that is destined to be 2010:

1. Read more!
– Resolve to read at least one non-fiction book a month
– Resolve to read the 7th Harry Potter book before the movie comes out
– Resolve to read 5 different blogs per week (y’know, mine and four others)

2. Write more!
– Resolve to write for 7 minutes per day
– Resolve to write 300 words per day, about any subject
– Resolve to start a blog about something you are good at, and post a 300 word entry each week

3. Math more! (just kidding)

3. Do more!
– Resolve to walk around the block three days a week (be specific) in January, then add a block (distance) each month
– Resolve to complete that next Toastmasters award by October 1st
– Resolve to switch from soda to water for one meal per day in Jan-Mar

As you can see, coming up with a goal can be pretty easy. The trick is to come up with one that you believe you can follow through on. Also, don’t let excuses stop you. If you don’t want to walk in the snow, resolve to start the walking goal in April and go from there. Not all goas have to begin on January 1st.

One other thought..don’t let setbacks stop you either. If you do not get out and walk one week (for whatever reason), do not let that stop you! Get back out there next week and keep going.

As for me, my next milestone is to get on this flight to Atlana (my favorite place to get stranded) and home to Wichita before Jan 2nd. Wish me luck. Happy New Year..and Victory to all humans!


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