Website updates


This week, I’ll be trying out some new software to see if I can improve my speaking web site, I’m going to try Microsoft’s Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition to see if it’s something I can use more efficiently than the other software I have been using. Beyond that, I plan to integrate my WordPress site with my professional speaking site to make the whole process easier to use for everyone, including me.

On a “reading while driving” note, I’ve made it through the first (of 10) CDs in Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, What the Dog Saw. Malcolm is one of the best-selling authors of this decade, and deservedly so. I’ll post a review on my LinkedIn account and maybe even here one I’ve finished the CD set.

Tomorrow morning’s blog entry will be about working on improving vocal variety. Since this is a topic I need to improve on myself, I’ll outline a plan to improve my delivery through greater variety in my volume, pitch, and rate. Exciting stuff!

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