What makes a club stand out – District 16 Conference session


Matt Branstetter’s session – Want makes clubs stand out above the others

Matt asked, “Raise your hand if you’re a member of the best Toastmasters club in Oklahoma” – about 75% of the hands went up
“Statistically, some of you are wrong”

7 critical roles every club meeting needs to be successful
– speaker(s)
– toastmaster
– general evaluator
– evaluator(s)
– table topics leader
– timer
– grammarian

Matt talked about the advantages of scheduling roles – if your club is struggling, assigning roles can bring some of the “care timers” out of their shell.

He also spoke on the advantages of having the Toastmaster create the agenda for the week. A couple of advantages include reducing the stress on the VP Education and helping the members grow.

Young people coming to Toastmasters today are busy.

Why do manual speeches
– Speaker?
– Club?
Evaluator – not every member can do an “off the cuff” evaluation

Some clubs start their meeting with Table Topics (I have not seen this myself), and Matt suggested placing the table topics session in between the scheduled speakers and the evaluations session. He referenced the evaluation contest last night, and talked about how we gave those evaluators 5 minutes to work on their remarks. Why not do that for your club evaluators?

Evaluations are 2-3 minutes of coaching. You are there to help them get better, not to tear them down.

It ends with fun – Matt’s club has a role called “observational humorist” who comes up with some, wait for it…humorous observations abut the meetining at the end.

Matt gave a great session about club excellence. Now, are you a member of the best club in your district? You can choose to be…

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