What makes inspiration?


I’m feeling rather inspired tonight.

When something like that happens, I seem to be bent on analyzing why. I’m not positive about that being a good thing, but it’s who I am.

I’m not referring to any sort of cookie-cutter formula. I was really thinking about what it took to inspire me, and what do I do that could (or does) inspire others?

First, I think there must be somewhere I’d rather be. Not always in the physical sense. It doesn’t have to be a deep longing or sense of desperation, but there has to be something in me that hears “this is something for me” for inspiration to have a chance.

Second, I have to believe (in) the person who is inspiring me, otherwise they’re just blabbing. A person that needs to borrow lunch money with a sure fire plan to get rich quick isn’t going to hold my attention very long.

Finally, the possibility has to be there. If there is no possibility, then there’s no point in feeling inspired.

Why was I thinking about inspiration? Because I was inspired. In some part of my life, there is somewhere I’d rather be, something I believe in, and a possibility…


  1. What an inspiring article. It’s so interesting coming form a person who inspires so many others. I am included in the inspired by your actions and attitude.

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