What’s the best word?


Each New Year I post something about setting a resolution, and I receive a variety of comments that fall into three varieties:

1. I don’t believe in resolutions, I set goals.
2. I don’t believe in resolutions, no one keeps them.
3. I don’t believe in resolutions.

Why do you limit yourself?

Let me rephrase, why do so many people consider the word resolution so toxic? Is it really because you don’t want to change anything, improve, or get better at something? I can’t believe that.

Is it because so many resolutions seem to fail? What about goals? Promises? I wonder if there’s a stat to tell us what the best word is for resolution.

What’s the best word for you? That’s the real question. Don’t get stuck “being cool” by not having a resolution. Pick the goal, plan, outcome, resolution, or whatever your favorite word is and do it.

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