What’s the Big Idea?


You may have heard (or read) me mention that Daniel Pink and Malcolm Gladwell are two of my favorite authors. Now, they have teamed up with two other awesome authors – Susan Cain and Adam Grant – to create a program titled The Next Big Idea Club.

This post is about their podcast, which I feel is absolutely outstanding (and it’s free). While you can find it with whatever podcast app you use, I’m including a link here to make it easier, ’cause I like you – https://wondery.com/shows/the-next-big-idea/

If you aren’t a podcast fan yet, this one could (should!) be the one to get you started. I strongly recommend you listen to the December 10th episode, titled TRUST: Malcolm Gladwell on How We Talk To Strangers. This podcast gives an outstanding overview of Malcolm’s newest book, Talking to Strangers which is one of my top reads of 2019.

These podcasts are incredible in their own right, and they are a great way to cheat and see the value of the Next Big Idea Club without spending a dime up front. If you feel like this content is something you want more of, then join the group and get exclusive insights to the books and authors.

From their own description, “Each quarter, Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink read and choose two exciting, groundbreaking books for our community. You then get our selections delivered to your door, via e-book, or in condensed video format.”

I happen to use the express format, since I prefer to use Audible to read (listen to) books more often than not. However, I’m not writing this to sell you on joining the club. You can make that decision on your own.

On top of the podcasts (which are ~45 minutes each), being a member gets you some exclusive interviews with the authors, additional e-courses and lessons plus the opportunity to interact with the curators (the four authors mentioned above) as well as other members to discuss the books and additional content.

Note: My last book review, Range, came from the Next Big Idea Club recommendation last quarter.

As a fan of these authors, I’ve really enjoined their recommendations as well as the additional content. Either way, the podcast is a great way to hear about some amazing authors and the ideas from their new books. And it’s free…what are you waiting for?

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