Where is my referral?


This week I’m reading The referral engine: Teaching your business how to market itself by John Jantsch, the author who also wrote the well reviewed Duct Tape Marketing.

Three things caught my eye off the bat (see a speech coming here?)

1. We give referrals as a method of creating social capital. In short, we (people) want to give good information so we can get good information when we need it.

2. Businesses (especially small ones) are not comfortable asking for referrals, even though customers (see people in point #1) like giving referrals.

3. Two important ingredients in getting referrals are a.) be worthy of a referral (the book has some in-depth info on this) and b.) set up a system to help you ask for them (also in the book).

I’m trying this out with the Nook reader on my iPad, so it’s a different feeling than reading “normal” books. However, I think I found a good one to read, an I plan to have a review ready by Sunday.

If you have a business (or a blog) that thrives on referrals to grow, and what business doesn’t, this might be a worthy read for you too.

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