Where Leaders are Made – District 16 Conference session


George Yen, our International President-Elect, held an educational session titled Where Leaders are Made

George talked about the “Be…Do…Have” triangle – referring to who you are, what you know and what you do.

Leadership is like fatherhood. There are a lot of books, but experience is the best teacher.

3 essences of leadership success
Being – core values (respect, integrity, service, excellence), service leadership and intention
Doing – area/division council meetings, club visits, DCP focus, speech contests, and promoting the TI educational program
Knowing – TI mission, district vision and goals, DCP, your team, and roles & responsibilities

How does the intersection work?
– doing without knowing –> Ineffective
– knowing without doing –> All talk – no actions
– doing & knowing without being –> Robotic & Manipulating
– being without doing & knowing –> Being a Hermit

“A truly effective leader must stand on the three legs of being, knowing and doing. Missing one of the three legs, [leaders] cannot be successful.”

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