Will social media make you famous?


No…unless you use it correctly.

For the past 60 days I’ve been conducting something of a social media experiment with my blog. Now, I’m no balloon-boy-quality amateur scientist or anything, but my results have been less-than-dramatic.

Here are some of my less-than-scientific musings based on the 60 days of testing:

1. People don’t “find you”. Sure. I’ve had some folks find my blog from search results, but not in significant numbers.
2. If you’re looking for popularity, post about politics or something “newsworthy”.
3. Linking your posts on Facebook and Twitter only alerts your friends.

As I mentioned when I started this two months ago, the goal wasn’t to generate 1,000,000 clicks (although that would have been cool), but to see what it would be like to put some content out on the web, and put together my plan for a book. So far, those ideas have gone according to plan, although I’ve received fewer comments that expected. 

Now, I’m torn between keeping up the daily pace and switching to a more realistic schedule. Any ideas?

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