World Championship: Proposal for next year


Since I posted by review of the speeches in the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking, I received hundreds of hits and may positive comments from Toastmasters (and others) around the world.

Although this is a bit early, I’m going to propose to expand my coverage next year. I’ll be looking for fellow attendees and writers to provide similar coverage for each of the nine semi-final contests.

In addition, I’ll also be seeking 3-4 other writers to watch and provide feedback on the World Championship itself. This will allow more expanded coverage of the event, as well as additional viewpoints on what each contestant did well in their presentation. Ideally, each contestant will be featured in a separate blog post, and I’ll strive to get interviews to include as well.

The goal here will be two-fold. First, provide a superior product for the readers. Second, give more writers an opportunity to reach a wider audience with their reviews.

I owe a thanks to so many readers who added links to my blog so that their readers could see that information. This has made me realize that there was a void here, and I intend to do a better job filling it next year. And yes, I plan to be continuing this blog through a second year, and to provide better coverage at the convention in Las Vegas!

In June or July, I’ll be actively soliciting volunteers to help out with this unofficial effort, so stay tuned. Any early takers?


  1. Would you consider adding interviews to the ID, and 2ndVP candidates as well. I think that would be very intersting and entertaining.

    1. Lots of work there. I did something on the 2nd VP candidates at the last convention, as well as a couple of ID candidates that I saw. If I have some volunteers to help with that, I might be able to pull it off…

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