Writing Tips: The Weekly Column


This week I’m going to add something new to the blog: The weekly column. Starting early next week, I’m going to do a weekly post on a series of topics. The first series will be about habits of successful entrepreneurs. This will be loosely based on a similar concept to Covey’s Seven Habits, and based on my experience and learning how to be successful as an independent consultant.

The reasons?

Like the book reviews on Sundays, this will be something I intend to do on a regular basis.
I can cover a variety of topics over a specific period of time.
Reader can have something to look forward to.

This might be something you could try for yourself, as a writer or as a speaker. Come up with a topic and spread it out over a few weeks, and work on one point per week until you have your topic covered.

Expect to see the first weekly column this Monday evening.

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