Writing Tips: Too many good Blogs


Once again I’ve been surprised by some killer content.

I recently posted on my woes with customer service at a well-known blog. I was looking for help with my blog-writing skills, and I found a product that sounded promising. When there was a snafu with the automated process and a lack of support from the site owners, I decided to start looking elsewhere for the right product.

I want to clue you in on a couple of sites I found, although I will say up front I haven’t made any purchasing decisions yet. The reason I want to make these sites seen is that they make my list of sites with great free content as well as the option for premium services.

The first one I found is remarkablogger.com, written by Michael Martine. If you’re able to look past the fact that he lives in Vermont (now you know they have the Internet there), I think you’ll find his blog interesting and his writing creative and fun to read.

For his premium content, he has a course on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress users (like me). All hail WordPress. His program has a book, audio files, and video lessons and has caught my interest. At $127.99 it could be a really good investment. If you happen to have used this product, or even any of the parts (e.g. the $47 book), I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Michael’s site led me to Chris Garrett’s site. I’ve heard Chris’ name before, but had just never checked out his site. One thing I found of interest right away was his attitude. He has a very positive focus and the thing we all need: a successful acronym. His regular readers will know that one of the things he teaches is what he calls the “ARC System” which stands for (this part taken from his blog):

  • Attraction – Getting people to come to you
  • Retention – Getting people to stay
  • Conversion – Getting people to take an action, usually a purchase

His site also had some interesting premium options. If you look at www.authorityblogger.com you will seewhat looks to be a very extensive product for being successful with your blog. In fact, if you’re early in your blog/business life and really need a jump-start, this looks like a program you may want to consider.

Why this post? I love reading great (free!) content, and I love getting ideas and trying out new things with my speaking and writing. Are there too many good blogs out there? Maybe, but as I keep finding ones that could be interesting to my audience, I’ll keep letting you know about them.

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