Writing vs Speaking – is there a difference?

I read another great post today on Men with Pens. This post, titled How to find your writing voice leads with the same picture as this post (yes, I stole it). My point: when you want to find your speaking voice, you may want to start by examining your writing voice.

In fact, the main reason I read writing blogs like Men with Pens is to improve my speaking. After all, how can I write great (or even decent) speeches if…I…can’t…write???

Just a thought…


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    Great article you found! I’m struggling to find my voice on my blog, but have no trouble at all talking to groups. Seems kind of odd. I’m enjoying your posts. Keep the content coming!

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      The problem I had when I started is I tried to talk to too many different people. Even though I had the advice “pick one customer to talk to.” I’m still struggling with it, but I have refined that concept more as I’ve been posting here.

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