Your Audience is not an Abstraction


Have you ever thought of your audience in the abstract, such as ” group of students”, “job seekers looking for advice” or “managers needing training”?

Of course this can be a good first step toward thinking about a topic for that group. But if you really want to connect, you have to dig deeper.

For instance, if my group of job seekers is 23-29 years old, I probably don’t need to spend much time describing job boards, since they may not even know what a paper resumé is. But for the 44-59 crowd, it means a different approach.

To connect, identify your most likely audience members, such as Cindy, the 24 year old USC graduate, Mike the 27 year old who was recently laid off and Mary, the 26 year old Administrative Assistant – all looking for interview advice.

Get past the abstraction and speak to real people. After all, abstractions don’t clap…


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